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Pumpkins and Squash

Winter squash and butternuts vary in shape, size and colour and many varieties tend to be vigorous trailing plants. Squashes flower and fruit later than summer squash should be harvested before the first heavy frost and then dried off and stored in a frost-free shed until November/December before starting to eat them when they have developed their nutty, sweet flavour. Butternuts are probably the most popular winter squash and one excellent variety is the British-bred ‘Harrier’ and for Butternut squash, Hunter F1.
Pumpkins also come in a range of fruit sizes and are used to make pumpkin pie, but are mainly known for their use as lanterns at Halloween. They do not store for such a long period as squashes and so should be used by December. Two popular varieties are Atlantic Giant and Crown Prince to carve and decorate at Halloween.