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Topographical and Ecological Surveys

Topographical Survey

The amount of detail included in a topographical survey depends on your individual requirements. The survey will be related to the Ordnance Survey grid and level datum and will pick up all detail commensurate with a scale of 1/200 which includes all relevant boundaries, buildings, structures, surfaces, services, vegetation and trees. It also includes lifting any manholes in the survey area if this is required.

Survey drawings are normally delivered as CAD files but can also be supplied as scaled paper plans.

Topographical Surveys are carried out in London, Surrey, Sussex and Kent.

Habitat Survey

The survey is called a Phase 1 Habitat Survey and is an initial pre-development survey, which is an industry standard to categorise the ecological value of the site.

This includes a site visit to assess broad habitat types and quality and their ability to support protected and notable species. After which a report is written based upon findings of site visit and Biological records bureau data.

The assessment will include the potential impacts of the development on any ecological features and protected species on the site with suitable recommendations detailed as necessary.

Habitat Surveys are carried out in London, Surrey, Sussex and Kent.

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Topographical and Ecological Surveys