Garden Design and Consultancy

Professional Horticultural Consultant

Professional Horticultural Consultant Barry Holdsworth offers a full range of services relating to gardens and landscapes. Garden design, garden restoration, garden management, planting, tree surveys, assistance with planning applications regarding discharge of landscape conditions and expert witness work are all undertaken. Barry works with private and commercial clients, architects and Land Agents to successfully manage a range of gardens and landscapes .

Barry Holdsworth can offer practical garden management based upon over 30 years of experience. Good management of a large garden is important as there are many costs associated with managing a garden e.g. the staff, garden machinery, garden buildings, garden plants and consumables. In order to maximise this investment the consultancy offers a variety of services to assist in managing your garden costs. We can facilitate improvements in the processes and workings of the garden by using a range of diagnostic and bench-marking techniques.

The results from this process will then provide an opportunity to improve the elements of the garden that have been chosen. These findings will allow an intelligent control on the expenditure for present and future budgetary requirements. Further information on the other aspects of garden management and how to plan a garden can be obtained from related pages within the menu.

Professional Horticultural Consultant offering a full range of services relating to gardens and landscapes in Sussex, Surrey, Kent, London and the UK

Professional Horticultural Consultant