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Landscape Design for New Builds

As a Landscape Designer for New Builds may I urge you to read some pointers in my article here. A garden design for newly built property needs to overcome many issues, but mainly that to do with poor soil conditions. Once surmounted then the garden can make an amazing transformation from a building site into a home. Whether you have a modern kit house or a traditionally built timber frame structure a garden design can be tailored to meet your needs.

One important point to consider for a new build garden designer is access. Before the garden is closed off with boundary fences and a garage, it is best to undertake the heavy landscaping work. Preparing the ground for planting, lawns and terraces can be undertaken much quicker with machinery. So if possible, programme that work to be completed in part or full before access becomes an issue. Materials and plants that can be moved by hand are less of a problem.

Working together with the builders will mean that new gardens can be implemented with a programmed schedule of works of the landscape construction to allow you to enjoy your new house and new garden together.

So often the budget for the house has taken funds that were set aside for the garden. By having a plan of what you want the garden to become you can undertake the work in stages as funds become available. Therefore, you are looking at the whole project and not adding piece meal to a space that will become a garden of disparate parts.

Barry has much experience as a new build garden designer with both developers and single developments and the issues that they face. Please use the contact page to find out how Barry can help you navigate the new build minefield and plan your new garden.

Garden design and implementation of the build for the Winner of the best individual new house category in the Guildford Design Awards 2021.

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