Garden Design and Consultancy

Modern Garden Design Techniques

Barry Holdsworth works closely with the client to offer modern garden design solutions which surpass clients requirements time and time again.. When a modern garden design required, wherever the location and size we will be able to provide a modern garden design to suit. The garden design proposals are presented in a range of different mediums in order that the client can visualise how the design will fit within the existing environment using artist’s impressions, 3D software and photographs.

The consultancy can manage all elements of implementing the design – from surveying the site to planning permission; site preparation to building and planting. The selection process for all the plants and materials is undertaken by the consultancy and is sourced from a wide range of reliable suppliers, who we have been working with over a period of time. We are able to work with the client’s contractors or will use landscapers and other craftsmen known to the consultancy that have been vetted.

Utilising the consultancy will ensure that the design specifications are met, the quality standards are upheld, the budget is closely monitored and that the project is completed on time to the client’s satisfaction.

South of England, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Hampshire, London, Kent, Somerset, Surrey, Sussex, Wiltshire, the UK and internationally.