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Traditional Garden Designer

Great Britain is known for its gardening and love of landscapes and plants. There are numerous traditional gardens in the form of parks and landscapes that stand out as masterpieces on their own with thousands of visitors enjoying the mature gardens that were designed and constructed many years ago and are still maintained with a high standard of professional care. Without such settings the splendid houses and palaces of the UK and Europe would be missing a vital element and be much poorer for it.

It is important that these traditional gardens are maintained and also allowed to develop when plants have been lost. Careful planning and management of such gardens is important and they should be entrusted to professionals, so that costly mistakes are avoided and the fragile environment of the garden is maintained for the benefit of generations to come, so they too can enjoy these special environments.

Traditional gardens conjure a host of different pictures of what everyone thinks of as the typical English garden - a perfect lawn, flower beds filled with mixed herbaceous perennials, shrubs and roses, summer houses and mature fruit trees. A traditional garden design is often is quite simple in its layout – but what is important is how the planting works within that design. As with all design and craftsmanship, what looks so easy and simple is made after much deliberation and careful though.

If you own a garden that requires traditional landscape garden planning and wish professional horticultural advice the do please contact Barry Holdsworth, who has many years experience in caring and planting for such gardens.

Traditional garden designer for private and commercial clients covering the South of England - Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Hampshire, London, Kent, Somerset, Surrey, Sussex, Wiltshire, the UK and internationally.