Garden Design and Consultancy

Contemporary Garden Designer

Garden design has come a long way in recent years and we now have a plethora of books on contemporary garden design. But there are still some ground rules to apply when going for a ‘modern’ look to your garden. The first being that you cannot get away from the fact that the choice of plants will have to suit your soil, site and weather conditions.

Choosing particular plants because they look good in a magazine that you have browsed will not necessarily offer the best solution. Good contemporary garden design can be matched with careful selection of plants, such as grasses of which, some like it dry, while others require moisture. So when seeking that all-important ‘look’, choose carefully in the knowledge that they will survive and flourish next year and the year after. Planting using specific choices of perennials, shrubs and grasses allows for low maintenance including drought tolerance.

As a contemporary garden designer Barry can embrace an imaginative use and a variety of plants, materials, multi-functional garden buildings and modern land art. Gardens are used as a place for entertaining and relaxing, so improved lighting is useful in extending the time period that can be enjoyed within the garden.

Barry has extensive knowledge of plants and landscaping with a variety of different, stylish and individual materials that will give you a contemporary garden that will meet your needs.

Contemporary Garden Designer for private and commercial clients - covering the South of England - Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Hampshire, London, Kent, Somerset, Surrey, Sussex, Wiltshire, the UK and internationally.