Garden Design and Consultancy

Garden Design using CAD

Designing a garden using computer aided design (CAD) to create your garden as a 3D model is a great help to many people who find it hard to visualise just how their new garden will actually look. 3D imagery can allow clients to see exactly how the garden will look like from an angle . Clients can then make instant decisions on alterations and improvements prior to implementation of the design.

Accuracy is down to 1 mm and alterations can be made relatively easily, especially compared to hand drawn sketches and drawings. Also, the range of materials can alter the images, such as choosing different coloured bricks, plaster or paint, for example.

Add to this unlimited views from any angle, so the view down the garden from the kitchen or the balcony on the first floor and instantly there is a guide that enables the client to quickly come to a decision as to whether to go ahead or choose alterations. These alterations can be not just colours and materials, but widening a path, lengthening steps, replacing a wall with a fence to get the right design for them.

Not only does the client understand the plans and just how they will unfold as the garden is constructed, but also the builder/landscaper. The garden can be seen before it is built by all concerned, which makes the whole process easier all round.

This form of design is in continual use by Barry Holdsworth and many clients have found it invaluable in deciding on detail with their garden design. You no longer have to scratch your head whilst looking at plain 2D landscaping plans, now you can see it all in 3D.

Please view some of the existing site photos and then the 3D views of the proposed new design to understand how this works. Barry can send you many more examples of gardens before and after with 3D garden desgn landscaping plans, should you wish to explore this in more detail. The landscape design software programmes used are Sketchup Pro, Vectorworks, Twinmotion and Artlantis Studio.

3D garden designs for private and commercial clients - covering the South of England - Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Hampshire, London, Kent, Somerset, Surrey, Sussex, Wiltshire, the UK and internationally.